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Credit Scores Needed for Mortgage Break Down

I’m amazed daily by the amount of people that come to me expecting me to say they need to work on their credit to get a home and they are actually already ready to buy. ‘Different aents require different credit criteria as well as different lenders to get approved. If you are over 600 you should definately go ahead and talk to a lender. Almost every lender who works for a mortgage company and not a large bank have the ability to do this. To back up a moment think of an agent as a screener to get you to the right lender depending on your specific situation. Every lender does this differently. I try to get my favorits to get qualified for the grant programs that I advertise and most do if I have a lot of those buers to offset the difference. If you have a 560 credit score to 580 you will most likely be turned down. I have the ability to get this done. Having said that anything below 580 requires 10% down. At 580 you will need 3% to 3.5% down. Above 640, you may qualify for a loan with no money down at all and in a few cases walk away from closing with money in hand rather than paying. Have questions about the mortgage process? Call me for more information.

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